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God has blessed me with my Beautiful wife Ausha and our two boys Dominick & Noah.

Ausha & I’s reception is what propelled me into the wedding business. We had no clue how to hire a DJ, so we went with the cheapest one we could find for 4 hours. He didn’t meet with us before the reception and really didn’t have any contact with us either. On our wedding day the DJ showed up in jeans and a polo shirt! The majority of our guests left after dinner because he was so annoying. Everything was about HIM and not about us. We were bride & groom all night long instead of actually using our names. Our guests knew us by our names so why not use them? After we left our reception early and all that money was wasted, I told my wife “that can not be what a real professional DJ acts like”. After the reception I started searching the internet and found the ADJA and attended their 2009 Summer conference and my life was changed. Immediately I set out on a mission to provide the best possible reception for my clients, one that is all about them and not me. That was the beginning to an awesome experience that continues to get better with every client!

Being a full time wedding DJ is an amazing thing. It has totally changed my life in a great way. Working with so many couples that have a fresh new love, has opened my eyes. It brings me joy every weekend & it is almost like a rejuvenation to my marriage every time I perform. It is truly a blessing to see so much LOVE every weekend and it has helped me to keep the LOVE in my life flowing. That is the difference between myself and most other DJ’s, I actually CARE about my clients and I want the best for them no matter what. My clients are what keeps me going and keeps me loving my passion.

Along with my couples, the three people in the picture above is what drives me to do my very best at each wedding I have the privilege of working at. I make a living doing what I love and I am able to provide for them because I treat each wedding as if it were my own, with respect, dignity, and fun! I hope to be a part of your day. Thank you for reading.


Professional workshops and classes I have attended:

July 2009: adja national conference

June 2010: The Professional Process by Peter Merry

June 2010: ARMDJS Conference

January 2011: Bronze Level MaSTER OF CEREMONIES workshop By Mark Ferrell

January 2011: Mobile beat Dj COnf

February 2011: Bronze Level Love Story workshop by Mark Ferrell

March 2011: The Entertainment experience by bill hermann

June 2011: The Professional Process by Peter Merry refresher

June 2011: ARMDJS Conference

July 2011: Silver Level MASTER OF CEREMONIES workshop by Mark Ferrell

September 2011: DJ Retreat Conference NAshville,TN

February 2012: Mobile Beat Dj Conf

March 2012: Canadian DJ Show

April 2012: “Make It Grand” Workshop

                     By: Peter Merry & Liz Dailey

June 2012: ARMDJS Conference

August 2012: Gold Level Master of Ceremonies workshop by Mark Ferrell

September 2012: The las vegas dj show/conference

professionals are always seeking to be better. That is why Doctors, teachers & most professionals have to continuously attend training sessions or go back to school to keep up with the latest trends. Being a DJ is no different, i am always trying to stay up with the hot new idea’s coming out and offering them to my clients to keep their receptions top notch and the talk of the town.

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All About Me

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